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Solutions tailored for your business

Count on a team of expert consultants to work out solutions to your business challenges.

Where there is a performance problem or a need for reinforcement at the moment for assignments specific functionalities or knowledge gaps.


Achieve your business goals by hiring the right leaders for decision-making positions. Our methodology assesses the following aspects:

  • Global and local market context;
  • Governance;
  • Short, medium, and long-term strategy;
  • Operating conditions for the executive;
  • Corporate environment and culture.
Assessment of the connection between strategy and scope, defining the performance of internal executives and increasing the company's chances of performance.


In-depth analysis of the professional’s performance, identifying possible performance gaps and the alignment of the profile with the position in question.


Analysis of executives not currently employed by the company for a potential hire, evaluating aspects such as: achievements, attributes, and motivational factors related to the project.


Design of the position’s scope, considering its strategy, competitive environment, and the business itself.


of customers strongly recommend Flow


of Flow's candidates had a positive impact on the company's value creation.


of candidates delivered as much or more results than was expected by customers.

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